All-together worship – registration form for meetings


All-together worship will take place as part of Yearly Meeting on Sunday 30 April 2023 (10:30 to 11:30am).

This will be a huge meeting for worship, taking place across Britain. We will come together as a single, loving, inclusive and all-age community across the length and breadth of Britain Yearly Meeting. We invite local Quaker communities to take part via a live link. We hope to make available a list of participating meetings so that those wishing to attend in person can do so wherever they are in the country. We hope that those unable to connect online will either join others connecting online locally, or worship with us together in spirit.

For information on what you need to take part, please ensure you have also read the information sheet

If your Quaker community wishes to join all-together worship, please complete this form by 17 April.

If an individual or family wishes to join, they should either join a local Quaker community in person, or register to attend Yearly Meeting online.