Patterns and Examples: deep roots for strong communities

Everyone who holds a role within their Quaker meeting is invited to this day of inspiration, support, and refreshment. There will be opportunities to share ideas, compare experiences, and worship together. Optional sessions will cover topics such as eldership & oversight, living as a Quaker, self-care, Quaker decision-making, and finding the right people for roles. There will also be a chance to experiment with a practise mindful colouring or explore a Bible story.

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Event information

In 2019 the event in London on 14 September will be for all ages. There will be a créche for younger children as well as the activities that are suitable for ages 6 and upwards. Not all workshops will be suitable for the very young and guidance will be given in advance to help participants choose suitable options. The events have been planned in this way to help families attend.

Patterns and examples dates 2020

Saturday, 2 May: venue TBA

Saturday, 30 May: venue TBA

Saturday, 27 June: venue TBA

This form will be updated with booking information in early 2020. Information will be sent via the Clerks Monthly Mailing, the Quaker Life Network and Quake!